Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Did someone say Spoon Rest??!  Although these are not my favorite colors, they are quite useful!  All of my other spoon rests sold out at the February 14th Columbia Market!  Looks like I will have to make some more of them to satisfy the customer!  You can find new spoon rests in the near future posted to my Etsy Account!

I love these little dishes!  Adding different textures to them and using different glazes really give them  unique look.  These should be posted to Esty in the next few days!

Something new to hit Etsy soon!  Soap dish? Jewelry dish?  You decide! Mustaches all day long!

A set of 4 Ceramic Raku Tea Bowls.  Raku pottery is not food safe, so they are intended for decoration only.  These were based off of the Japanese design for winter tea bowls.  They can be found on my Etsy page!

Another Raku piece is up on Etsy!  This one was not glazed on the bottom at all, so through the oxidation process, the unglazed areas become black.  This is personally one of my favorites!  You can find it on my Etsy Account.

On a different note, I have Ceramic Raku pieces listed on my Etsy account!  Each piece was bisque fired in a normal electric kiln.  After the glazes are applied, they are placed in an outside kiln.  Once the tempurature reached 1800 degrees, the pieces are pulled out and placed into a bin full of combustible materials.  Once it catches on fire, more combustible materials are placed on top.  A lid is then placed on the bin for oxidation.  After the piece has cooled, it is pulled out and all the metallic colors are reveled.    

Another great bowl to be used as a jewelry dish or ice cream bowl!  Find this gem on Etsy!

Sapphire Blue glazed decorative bowls.  Shallow bowls are good for jewelry dishes or food!  This glaze is food safe, so feel free to use is as a salad bowl, pasta bowl, or more!  I have a set of two or four that will be posted to Etsy in the near future.  Keep an eye out!

Looking for a jewelry dish, or a small dinner bowl?  Here is an Aquamarine printed bowl just for you! Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for new posts!               

New bowls to be added to Etsy soon.  Keep watch for these beauts and more!